Offer Your Customers An Unbeatable Choice of Payment Options!

NARI BuildingBucks is an exclusive payment options program from NARI with EnerBank USA that helps your customers get the project they really want today and helps you:

Improve Cash Flow
Increase Leads
Close More Sales
Reduce Cancellations
Increase Job Size

When you walk into a customer’s home, you really don’t know if they’re going to be paying cash or some other way. If they say they're paying cash, it could be from a bank account, cashing out a CD, liquidating stocks, or some other method that could involve tax losses or other costs. The fact is, half of all home improvement projects over $5,000 are financed in some way, and offering your customer NARI BuildingBucks makes the sale easier, because it's not about affordability — it's about accommodating the customer’s money management.

For projects under $75,000:
Offer a choice of Same-As-Cash or Low Monthly Payment loan to empower the homeowner to move forward. It's so much easier for the customer to say yes when they know the whole job can be done immediately without hurting their budget or dipping into cash reserves.

For projects over $75,000:
If you have large projects, NARI BuildingBucks payment options are a perfect way for your customer to keep their options open by making a down payment, then financing the balance. This increases your opportunity to upsell to higher quality materials, or expand the project so they can get the whole dream project they really want.


  • High Approval Rate — typically 4/5 customers are approved for a loan
  • Three easy paperless application methods
  • Get paid quickly — usually within 24 hours via ACH transfer
  • Unsecured Loans Up to $75K
  • Zero-Interest Loans – 0% and Equal Payments up to 7 years
  • Same-As-Cash — No Interest and No Payments* — up to 24 months
  • *On approved credit. Interest is waived when loan is repaid in full within the same-as-cash period.
  • Reduced Interest Loans up to 12 years
  • Traditional Installment Loans up to 12 years
  • No collateral | No liens at origination
  • Staged funding available
  • Reduce Discounting